Growth 144 - Modern Sales

We work with businesses to identify and address key challenges and activities that boost sales and generate increased profit.

We pride ourselves on promoting sales excellence and encouraging consultative and collaborative selling processes that result in ‘win-win’ situations for you and your clients. 

We are focused on delivering successful outcomes that align to your company values and goals. We strongly advocate that sales and business development success do not need to come at the expense of your beliefs. 

Some examples of the services we provide are:

-    Partner strategy & routes to market
-    Sales training and mentoring
-    Goals and target development (including targeting and commissions)
-    Account planning & major deal strategy
-    Support for proposals, bids and tenders
-    Assisting with sales hiring and recruitment
-    Advice on systems, processes and technology

These services allow businesses to: 

•    Increase revenues and profit
•    Improve opportunity win / close rate
•    Prioritise best fit prospects & better use resources
•    Better meet the needs of their clients
•    Develop and better engage team members


If you would like to develop and improve your business development engine, Team 144 could help you do that in a positive and authentic manner.