People144 – Positive assessment & analysis

People are usually the driving force behind any successful organisation. Therefore, it makes sense to analyse individuals and teams to better understand, and even predict, performance.

People analytics utilises technology, statistics and expertise to make more informed decisions for an organisation. People analytics is a new domain for many businesses and HR departments but it need not be overwhelming.

The typical legacy approach was based on emotions, instincts and anecdotes and shrouded in secrecy for the individuals affected. A modern analytical approach, leveraging data and science, can lead to more effective solutions and better clarity for the business and the employee.

Some examples of the services we provide are:
•    Individual assessments (including 360°)
•    Team assessments
•    Leadership and potential assessments
•    Culture and values assessments
•    Coaching, consulting and mentoring

Some of the elements that can be assessed are PERSONALITY, MINDSET and ATTITUDE.

These elements can offer significant insight into how information is processed, how decisions are made, how people interact and what motivates them. 

When done with good intention and in collaboration with staff, both the business and those involved individually can benefit. 

These benefits include:
-    Increased team effectiveness and improved team dynamics
-    Improved employee and workplace conversation through greater awareness and common language
-    Better organisational insight into future leaders
-    Stronger values and attitudes alignment within the organisation
-    Training and development resources are maximised


If you have an interest in using people analytics to better support team members and achieve organisational success, please contact us.