Team 144 in the Tech sector

Workplace culture and Employee Engagement are significant areas of opportunity for IT and Tech companies.

The industry is synonymous with:

  • High salaries
  • Never ending cycles of pressure (project delivery, month / quarter / year end etc)
  • High average order value and High lifetime customer value

Companies in the sector continually need to attract and retain top talent, protect staff from the risk of burnout and continually stay vigilant to the threat of competitors in major, flagship accounts.

The prevalence of remote working across the industry means that engagement and affiliation to the business is challenging.

The talent crunch and skills shortages means that certain roles are permanently in demand and competitors are constantly looking to encourage team members to leave.

However, despite all these factors, there are endless engagement opportunities for the sector.

Information, Communications and Technology companies remain a desirable industry for many. And some of the most vibrant workplace cultures in the world are in this space.

Driving engagement and high-performance culture in the sector should be a priority.


The benefits of engaging employees and creating a high performance culture offers significant benefits. 

These include:
-    Rise in productivity and effectiveness
-    Lower staff turnover (offering significant financial savings) 
-    Improved brand and market / industry recognition

Some examples of the tailored services we provide for IT & Tech organisations are:

  • Workshops, training & seminars
  • Culture and engagement strategy and consultancy
  • Business assessments to benchmark your business in 12 core areas directly linked to high performance
  • Individuals assessments to help you hire, develop and retain the best people.
  • Creative cultural initiatives


If you have an interest in exploring how you could optimise your IT or Tech business for high performance through people & culture, please contact us using the form below.