Happy 144 – Happier workplaces

Our work and personal lives are inherently linked. No matter how you try, one will often have an impact on the other. Rather than focusing on work-life balance, people are increasingly looking for a more complimentary work:life integration. Our technological advances have brought greater opportunities and threats.

Handled in the correct way, these new challenges can have a huge impact on the workforce. They can allow team members to work in ways that empower them and suit their personal circumstances. In the wrong hands, employees feel micro-managed 24/7 and demotivated.

At the simplest level, we spend a huge percentage of our waking hours working. Surely we would all prefer that time to be fulfilling and enjoyable as opposed to full of frustration and dread!?

Happiness at work concepts encourage people to identify and reinforce the positive aspects in their working life (such as relationships and achievements).

It is not about eliminating all the difficult or problematic elements from our jobs and workplaces – it’s about being happy at work even though some of those bad things are present. 

Some examples of the services we provide are:

-    Workshops & Seminars
-    Engagement surveys (employees / partners / customers)
-    Values exercises (individuals / teams / business)
-    Team building
-    Coaching, consulting and mentoring

The benefits of a happy workplace are wide-ranging. 

Research and case studies prove that HAPPIER people are: 

•    More productive
•    More innovative
•    More motivated
•    Deliver better customer service
•    Better equipped for change


If you would like to develop and improve your business development engine, Team 144 could help you do that in a positive and authentic manner.