Team 144 announces partnerships with Denison Consulting & Hogan Assessments

We are delighted to announce that Team 144 are now accredited with Denison Consulting and Hogan Assessments – both experts in their field and adding significantly to our solution portfolio.


Dan Denison, one of the leading scholars and practitioners of Organisational Development and linking culture to bottom-line business success, founded Denison Consulting in 1998.

Like Team 144, Denison advocates that an organisations culture is crucial to its success.

High performance cultures are shown to deliver higher Return on Assets, higher Market to Book ratio and stronger sales growth than those businesses with misaligned or weak cultures.

In essence, the Denison Organisational Culture Survey (DOCS) allows us to measure the level of clarity and alignment across an organisation in areas that are directly linked to success and performance. The structured Denison model then builds on the survey results to support organisations on their path to high performance, with sustainable improvement.

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This process and methodology has added significant value to organisations all over the world and across all major industries.

Using the Denison methodology, we are able to:

  • Identify areas of cultural strength and weakness
  • Troubleshoot points of internal friction
  • Back up your culture initiative with hard data
  • Measure your culture improvement over time
  • Strengthen your business performance
  • Create a culture that will attract and retain quality talent
  • Utilize additional assessment modules to explore: employee engagement, employee commitment, innovation, trust, and safety and risk management


Hogan leads the world in personality assessment and leadership development tools that predict occupational performance.

Many competitive tools in this area focus solely on identity and measure the story that the respondent wishes to tell about themselves. This is not always realistic or reflected in their patterns of behaviour within the workplace.

Hogan’s 3 core assessments focus on:

-          The Bright Side (how we behave when at our best)

-          The Dark Side (how we behave when under pressure)

-          The Inside (our core values and drivers that determine what we strive to attain)

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Using the Hogan assessments, we are able to add significant value to:

  • Leadership team dynamics
  • Individual development planning and coaching
  • Organisational promotion and succession planning
  • Team performance
  • Career pathing
  • Selection and recruitment processes

These two new alignments for Team 144, alongside the recent announcement regarding WooHoo inc, further strengthens our expertise in supporting aspiring organisations. Our enhanced solution portfolio allows us to offer a structured and validated approach to business growth and organisational development. Team 144 proves the link between culture + engagement and business success.


Founded in 2015, Team 144 specialise in the human aspects of business performance.

We believe that modern organisations need to be responsive to the demands of their customer base and supportive of their greatest assets – their people.

An aligned business culture and developing an environment that allows team members to thrive and operate at their best, offers the opportunity for modern organisations to truly differentiate themselves.

Some examples of the services we provide are:

  • Organisational Culture assessments and development plans
  • Workshops & seminars (performance culture and / or happiness at work)
  • Behavioural profiling assessments
  • Coaching, consulting and mentoring

Do you have an interest in exploring how culture, engagement or organisational change can support your long term objectives and provide a unique competitive advantage? If so, contact Team 144.


I am passionate about positive business performance.

I help forward thinking organisational leaders with the knowledge, tools, energy and action plans, to align values and culture to wider business goals.

This provides a sustainable platform for growth and harnesses the power of teams to achieve improved results.

This typically results in:

  • Increase revenue / profit
  • Dramatic cost savings (lower staff turnover, increased productivity and effectiveness)
  • Improved brand and reputation (internally & externally)

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