Team 144 announces partnership with WooHoo Inc

We are delighted to announce that Team 144 are now partnering with WooHoo inc– one of the leading (and pioneering) experts on happiness at work.

Since 2003, WooHoo have been making workplaces all over the world happier.

In that time, more than 100,000 people from over 40 countries have participated in their keynotes, workshops and management training sessions. 

These sessions give clients, all over the world, the knowledge and tools to become happier workplaces. 

Studies repeatedly show that happiness at work is good for employees and for the bottom line. Happy workplaces are more effective, less stressful and have lower absenteeism and employee turnover. 

Clients benefiting from these sessions come from all industries. They include big and small organizations, from the private sector and government and from many different countries. 



In March 2015, WooHoo launched their international partnership program and Team 144 is now a proud memory of that partner ecosystem.

WooHoo require their partners to be highly skilled, passionate speakers and consultants who can deliver workplace happiness training in their respective area, industry or language.

Team 144 is delighted to be one such member. We are based in the UK and focus on performance culture and happiness at work. The alignment with WooHoo provides significant value in us supporting forward thinking organisations to drive human centric growth and positive change. 


Founded in 2015, Team 144 specialise in the human aspects of modern business.

We believe that modern organisations need to be responsive to the demands of their customer base and supportive of their greatest assets – their people.

Positive business culture and developing an environment that allows team members to thrive and operate at their best, offers the opportunity for modern organisations to truly differentiate themselves.

Some examples of the services we provide are:

  • Organisational Culture audits
  • Workshops & seminars (performance culture and / or happiness at work)
  • Behavioural profiling assessments
  • Coaching, consulting and mentoring

Do you have an interest in exploring how culture, happiness at work or organisational change can support your long term objectives and provide a unique competitive advantage? If so, contact Team 144. 


I am a consultant & coach who is passionate about positive business performance and providing demonstrable value for his clients.

I help forward thinking organisational leaders with the knowledge, tools, energy and action plans, to align values and culture to wider business goals.

This provides a sustainable platform for growth and harnesses the power of teams to achieve improved results.

This typically results in:

  • Increase revenue / profit (and stock market & shareholder performance where applicable)
  • Dramatic cost savings (lower staff turnover, increased productivity and effectiveness)
  • Improved brand and reputation (internally & externally)

Contact me here.