Waiting... for feedback

I delivered a new piece of work to a client last week. I had worked long hours on this project. It was undoubtedly quirky and not a straight forward corporate exercise. I felt that I was able to inject some personality into it and really reflect what the client wanted to achieve.

I had been on an aggressive deadline to deliver it and knew expectations would be high.

Despite all my efforts and confidence in the end product, I was really nervous and felt like I was clocking watching eternally to hear the feedback. It's fair to say patience probably isn't my strongest virtue and, on a Friday night, it was becoming embarrassing how many times I was checking my phone and email just in case. 

I’m proud to say the feedback was top notch. Client was delighted and is keen to look at further exercises with Team 144.

I was overwhelmed. Having that hard work pay off and be recognised and appreciated was fantastic. I've only had fleeting moments where I've experienced that kind of work high in many years.

The major difference was the connection to what I delivered and contributed to AND the clear and unambiguous recognition from my client. It was simple and yet so powerful.  

This just further cements the ‘why’ of my change in focus. Working with SME businesses and really getting a true relationship developed with your customers allows you to properly work in alignment and deliver something that really supports their business objectives.

So there we have it, as a young business, it feels great to secure a first piece of work, and to send out a first invoice but nothing will beat that conversation with a delighted customer who is thanking you for over-delivering on what they wanted and hoped for. 

heel kick.png

The piece I’m referring to was a whiteboard animation video. If you’re not aware of them, check out my portfolio or do a good old Google search. They are really engaging and there is some powerful research into the effectiveness of using this method to gain attention from your customers and prospects, especially with all the other ‘noise’ competing for their attention.

Whether you are small or large business (B2B or B2C), charity or education provider, you can engage your audience, improve your brand recognition and convey even complex messages in an easy to digest format via whiteboard animation videos.


Team 144 focuses on business growth, in a variety of forms. Sales, marketing and how you promote yourself authentically has changed. If you would like to discuss your business and how unified thinking across different areas of your business could make a positive impact, please get in touch.


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