Loss, change and a new beginning

The last 7 months have been a blur. I typically try and take an optimistic path and believe that 2015 is going to be a significant step forward for me. It kind of needs to be. I lost my dad unexpectedly in Sept 2014 and could never have estimated the shockwaves it would send through my life and how it would alter the prism by which I view everything.

Part in reaction, I decided to leave my corporate sales job in late Nov / early Dec. Whilst life wasn’t perfect prior to Sept,  the loss of the ‘old man’ definitely had a major impact. My tolerance for the corporate noise was lower than usual and I knew I needed to recover and provide the necessary support to my mum.

Fast forward a bit and it’s amazing how consuming grief and getting life moving again afterwards can be. It barely feels like a moment ago but forever at the same time.

So what will I do moving forwards? How will I reconcile my desire for wanting and needing something more with the ‘day to day’ of normal life and paying the bills?

I’m planning on starting something new. I have a strong background in IT sales and business development and I like to think I’m enthusiastic, positive etc. This something new is going to be my own business and I want it to be progressive. I want to help small businesses grow, I want them to realise their goals and passions and I want to feel like I’m operating in positive circles of people. 


Reason 1 - Because I love business growth and contributing to sales success. It has never been just about the financial spoils but more about the teamwork, competitive spirit and overcoming challenges. I get a major kick out of that and I love winning when I have no right to win.

Reason 2 - There are a wealth of interesting, progressive startups & SME’s in the UK (and around the world) looking to do business in the right way and affect positive change in some form or another. I love that too, it’s awesome.

Reason 3 - Life can be short and I’m interested in making the most of it and ensuring I live up to what I believe is my potential. Too many people are just counting down the days to the weekend, a holiday or retirement (or some magical other).

NEWS FLASH – there is no magical other. Not unless you create it or you are exceptionally lucky. And let’s be honest, if you luck out like that, you’ll probably blow it. 


To try and help me and also to keep a record of how I progress, I’m going to try and document this ‘journey’ but god help me if I keep using terms like ‘journey’, this isn’t the x factor.

Similar banned terms include ‘Quest’ because I am not a hobbit.

Either way, you get the point.

So, in short, helping businesses grow is a good fit for me and suits my background. But, it’s more than that. I’ve always taken control and involved myself in any form of business development activity that can help results.

In our modern business environments, linked up thinking across complex sales, marketing and social channels to achieve growth is really exciting and challenging. The days of people with ‘selling ice to Inuit’ clichés are long gone as are their stuffy (and ill fitting) double breasted suits. Thank god for that.

I’m talking about modern business, leveraging the best of sales and marketing basics alongside the new and emerging techniques from social selling and media to truly engage and provide win:win solutions to customers. Pow.

As I thought more about my future, I became increasingly keen to do this. Not out of any excessive confidence but more that I understand that too often, we (the royal ‘we’) get paralysed by fear or a quest for perfection. There is a time for action and, for me, that time is now.

So there you have it, welcome to my first set of ramblings (therapy). I hope you liked it. 

I’ll be adding more in the not too distant future, expanding on some of the themes, I have alluded to in this piece such as modern business development, things inspiring me and the importance of your company & brand reflecting you and your ethos.

If any of this resonates with you, please share this, leave a comment or connect with me.

In this modern connected world, we all have the best chance ever to create something bigger, better and with more purpose than before.


P.S Are you involved in one of the exciting SMEs I’m referring to?

If so, congrats and thank you. It’s inspiring.