Team 144 was setup by Pete Grosse in 2015.

Prior to starting Team 144, Pete had spent his working life within large corporate businesses, in the IT and Tech sectors, focused on business development. This was often impersonal and unrewarding.

In late 2014, Pete decided he needed a change and decided to blend his business development experience and passion for positive business culture into something new. 

We help business owners improve how they interact with staff, customers and partners. We believe these interactions are vital to the success of any business. 

Our focus is providing sustainable growth for our clients, in a positive and progressive manner.

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Pete Grosse, Director


I’m Pete and I run Team 144. 

I am passionate about positive business performance and delivering great outcomes for clients.

I know from experience what is like to work in an uninspiring workplace in comparison to an empowering one. The effect it has on your well-being and performance is considerable. 

I love being able to help develop more progressive work environments and inspire more positive business relationships.

I am a passionate Watford FC fan and eternal bedroom DJ, who loves to talk sports, music and film.

I blog and tweet regularly on business growth and positive business. 

Why is the business named Team 144?

The name is a nod to my father and one of the typically inane facts that he loved to share with the family.

He would often tell us that similar to our surname (albeit without the ‘e’), a gross as a unit of measurement, is 144 or a dozen dozen.

As a result, when formulating my ideas for the business and dealing with the passing of my dad, I often referred to it as Team 144 (symbolising Team Grosse and the importance of family).

It’s a salute to him and the values that he held dear and passed onto me.